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You and I both have heard about the Ketogenic Diet, right?

Stories about people losing LOTS of weight fast! Not just fast but easy.

But does it actually work? Can it really work for you and me?

My friends over at The Rules Of Keto have finally made it easy to find out if the Keto Diet will work for you.

Their No Cook Keto 21 Day Meal Plan makes testing the Keto Diet stupid easy.

And as a bonus, they toss in a daily keto email course so we can learn what we need to know in just a few minutes a day.

Check it out and let me know if the Keto Diet worked for you.

[Your Name]

P.S. While I really do think what The Rules Of Keto is offering is super cool, I also want to be fully transparent and let you know that I do make a few bucks when you purchase their products.  Thanks for the support!


Every year there is a new fad diet that works for some of your friends but not for everyone you know, right!?!?

One of the most hyped diets of the last few years is the Keto Diet, which is a low-carb diet that claims to be easier to follow because it’s also a higher-fat diet.

This diet sounds crazy but I’ve seen it work for family and friends so I know the Keto Diet can work.

But it seems so confusing, and that’s where The Rules Of Keto comes in.

They’ve made testing a keto diet crazy simple…

  • A 21 Day No Cook Keto Meal Plan
  • A Super Easy Intro To The Ketogenic Diet
  • A Daily Keto Email Course 

Basically, they’ve made it as easy as possible to find out if the Keto Diet is going to work for you in just three weeks and they’re offering it for less than thirty bucks.

If you decide to try it, please let me know if it worked for you. I know that one diet won’t work for everyone, but I’m so curious about how many people the Keto Diet will work for.


P.S. In the spirit of full transparency I want to let you know that I do make a few bucks when you purchase their products. It’s my hope that this is a win-win for both of us. Thanks for the support!

Is it time for a change? I hear you.

But where do we start?

How about we start with losing some weight?!  When I look better, I feel better.  When I feel better, I work harder.  When I work harder, I have more success.

So let’s start with losing some weight and looking better.

For some people, the Keto Diet has been like magic, making losing weight fast and effortless. For some people, but not for everyone who’s tried it.

So will it work for you? I don’t know but I do know how you can find out.

The folks over at The Rules Of Keto have created a 21-Day Keto Meal Plan that is the easiest way to eat a Keto Diet because it’s all No Cook. You can eat keto for three weeks with just a microwave!

But that’s not all they give you.

They give you the keto basics that you can read in less than 10 minutes. Then they send you daily emails to teach you more about the Keto Diet in just a few minutes each day during your 21-day keto diet test.  And those daily emails help hold you accountable and keep you on track.

At the end of those three weeks, you will KNOW if the Keto Diet will work for you like it has so many other people.

And you can get all of this for less than thirty bucks.  


P.S. In the spirit of full transparency, I want to let you know that I do make a few bucks when you decide to use The Rules Of Keto plan to test the Keto Diet. It’s my hope that this is a win-win for both of us. Please, let me know if the Keto Diet works for you.