No Cook Keto Meal Plan Extras

The Keto Extras List

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This is the online extras shopping list for the Premium No Cook Keto: 3 Easy Weeks to Success Meal Plan.

This is a collection of keto products that we order online for use at our house. This includes everything from supplies to supplements and grocery items, with a focus on those items that are easier to purchase online.


7 Nearly Essential Keto Supplies

#1 Electrolytes – ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops

Electrolyte supplements are very important. As a matter of fact, they are both #7 & 8 of The Rules of Keto. We use these ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops in our water (and even in our coffee sometimes) as our main magnesium supplement.

You need to supplement electrolytes when starting a Keto Diet.

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#2 Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Sodium is another very important electrolyte on a ketogenic diet. Table salt is refined and doesn’t contain any other trace minerals, which work in synergy with sodium.  We greatly prefer the real Pink Himalayan Sea Salt as it’s a natural source of sodium with other trace minerals included.  It also tastes better. 

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#3 Ketone Test Strips 

Ketone test strips are what most people use to see if they are in ketosis.  They are affordable, though not terribly accurate.  Still, seeing a little color on those strips is inspiring for most people. 

Here is a link to an article where you can learn more about ketones and how to measure them.

ProTip – As we talked about in our Ketosis Article, urine strips are not the most accurate way to test for ketosis, but it’s the most affordable.  If you want a more accurate method, consider a Blood Ketone Meter.

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#4 MCT Oil

Many people feel that supplementing with MCT Oil helps get them into ketosis faster and easier. 

We do not personally supplement with MCT Oil, but we’ve had so many friends and clients who have and liked the results that we thought we should give you the option. 

It’s normally enjoyed in your morning ‘bulletproof’ coffee.

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#5 Bone Broth

Bone broth is another way to replenish electrolytes.  Eventually, you’ll probably learn to make your own, but for now, you might want to supplement with prepared broth to help ease through any keto flu your experience.

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#6 Silicone Fat Bomb Molds

Angela uses these and similar silicone molds to make our no-cook fat bombs.  They’re not necessary, but they are nice.

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#7 Epsom Salt

As amazing as it sounds, soaking in a relaxing Epsom Salt bath is a nice way to replenish your magnesium as it can be absorbed through your skin.

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